EPIC Explosiveness: Jak udělat své sportovce rychlejší a výkonnější

Explosiveness is key for success in most sports. However, many training paradigms do not exploit the body’s full potential. Based on the latest scientific evidence, the EPIC (Enhance Performance Prevent Injury in Conditioning) certification on explosiveness will help coaches to improve acceleration, speed, and change of direction in their athletes. The two-day workshop has a multidisciplinary perspective and uses applied knowledge from exercise science, neuroscience, and fascia research.

  • Top 10 core boosters: preparing the trunk
  • Top 10 plyometrics: optimizing tendon and fascial elastic recoil
  • Olympic Lifts: barbell exercise for explosive force development
  • Power: loaded resistance exercise with medicine balls, weight vests, sprint parachutes, and battle ropes
  • Quick feet: an efficient guide to improve footwork
  • Running technique: when to modify an athlete’s movement patterns
  • Neurocognition: how to improve reaction and decision-making under time pressure