To understand anatomy the therapist must first understand function. In this workshop we analyse the mechanics of efficient gait, looking at the chain of movement events from the feet to the spine and into the shoulders. We explore how gravity works in concert with the joints and thereby the fascial and myofascial tissue to improve proprioceptive communication, muscle firing, and collagenous recoil. You will come away with the tools to investigate, analyse and intervene in non-pathological walking, learn how to build a personalised  movement program to improve your clients’ gait.

Workshop Format:

The workshop will be split into roughly equal time on

Presentation of the underlying principles

Interactive Postural and Functional Movement Analysis, and

Learning functional movement interventions and assessments to explore how your client uses their body

This course helps you:

Assess your client’s postural and movement patterns with greater accuracy

Analyse the normal motion of the spine

Understand the connections and correcting mechanisms between the pelvis and the feet

Assess the feet and their role in shock absorption 

Relate textbook anatomy to your client’s actual movement patterns

Apply Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains & Robert Schleip’s Fascial Fitness in function

Effectively identify and correct your client’s faulty movement patterns

Course Objectives:

Present an introduction to the geometry/character of the connective tissue, to understand fascial and anatomical links through the body & the sequence of events through the joints in normal gait.

Supply you with an understanding of fascial recoil and the roles of mechanoreceptors in the myofascia.

To fully appreciate the significance of tensegrity of fascia and human movement.

Let you explore what switches on the ‘core’, what really corrects pronation, why we flex our elbows to run, and many more functional functional connections and interactions.

Give you the tools to apply various gait assessments and then construct alternative movement strategies to help unwind and resolve compromised patterns.
Providing you with a fun, relaxed, informative and empowering experience that you can implement the next day in clinic.



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21. - 23. 4. 20239:30 - 17:00649 EUR Price includes

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