The Role of Eccentric Loading in Plyometric Training


The Role of Eccentric Loading in Plyometric Training


Plyometric exercises were first developed in the former Soviet Union to to increase explosive strength. While this method is very powerful, it is only suitable for a small range of already full developed elite athletes. Looking more deeply into how plyometric exercises affect on the human body, there is some evidence that the majority of benefit may come eccentric loading and mastery of motor skills. You will learn how every client you have can benefit from learning better athletic movement skills and bring more fun even into different training settings.

What You'll Learn

- Plyometrics program design considerations

- Gain understanding for performance and injury prevention through precise motor control and proper load composition.

- Following those methodological teaching progressions from this workshop will minimize the risk of injury and increase the return.



21. - 21. 8. 202213:30 - 17:00109 EUR Price includes