ZOGA MOVEMENT  is a stretching and strengthening practice based on yoga asanas using Anatomy Trains Structural Integration principles. Zoga is specifically designed to increase the freedom of glide between myofascial layers of the body.

The human body is designed to move from our center of gravity into all available directions. Zoga includes all these possibilities in assessment and therapy.

Zoga practice allows you to:

Bodyread where lack of glide and ‘give’ are occurring in the body

Use movement and manual guidance to elicit efficient and balanced movement

Achieve a balanced and ‘minimum energy’ resting posture and more efficient in movement

Achieve more balance in movement and how forces are distributed along tensegrity system of the body

In this 3-day Zoga introductory workshop you will learn:

How myofascial layers move on each other in stretch

How Anatomy Trains Lines adapt to stretching

How specific positioning within asana creates fascial stretch and gliding challenges

Visual assessment of posture and movement that lead to new intervention strategies

How to help students / clients find stand open those obscure and stubborn ‘corners’ in the moving body

Training in manual interventions



4. - 6. 11. 20229:00 - 17:00549 EUR Price includes

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