What to Expect:

The Level-1 Certification will revolutionize the way you train personally and with your clients. This system will enable you to take your client’s movement quality and fitness to the next level. We will show you simple and effective ways to enhance mobility, body awareness, coordination, and strength with the combination of leverage, irradiation, articulation, and isometrics that will unlock the inhibited movements that prevent optimal function and health.

The Level-1 Certification will take you through joint mobilization, stretching, strengthening, and positional isometrics. You will learn how to integrate these aspects into your one-on-one and group training sessions. Each trainer in the Stick Mobility family has their favorite method of training, whether it’s kettlebells, barbells, or body weight movements. Regardless of what modality you specialize in, Stick Mobility will blend seamlessly into your program and make you and your clientele move better.

The Level-1 Certification is a two-day course that is primarily hands on. We keep the classes small (capped at 30) so you will learn the fundamental principles and movements that will give you a great foundation on which to build upon. This class can be physically and neurologically demanding for participants. Be prepared, as the class will be about 30% lecture and 70% hands on. For physical preparation, we can send a link to download the Stick Mobility Fundamentals-1 video.  We recommend that you get familiar with at least the single stick training regimen. This is only a recommendation – not a requirement

The Level-1 Certification is primarily focused on teaching Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs),Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Doctors, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, and Yoga teachers. Anyone whose job it is to improve people’s quality of life, overall fitness, and athleticism will benefit from taking this course. Our system is designed to be used as a companion to any training modality, or as a stand alone program.

Certification Procedure

Once you have finished the certification course, you will have 60 days to submit a 10 minute coaching video which must have the required elements. We will be looking for competency in teaching the Stick Mobility system correctly.

Approval of the video will then complete your certification process as a Stick Mobility Practitioner. Certified Practitioners will be listed on our website directory and become part of a network of health coaches who work together to make movement better. This network will be the key to giving and receiving feedback and answering questions so that we can all be better Stick Mobility instructors.


For questions please contact: Ondrej Lunga, + 420 602415684 ,



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Peter Sisik

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“Verím, že pohyb je liek.”

Stick Mobility Master Instructor
Dynamax Master Instructor

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