CAFS  Certification in Applied Functional Science®

21.- 22.2. 2020, Prague 

CAFS is the first certication of its kind that will empower the movement professional to treat and train every client as a unique individual. There are no universal protocols or screens that apply to all clients. Instead, CAFS will reveal a process of observation and manipulation to identify dysfunction and create treatments and programs for the clients specic needs based on their individual abilities and goals.

1. The Process of Applied Functional Science®

2. 10 Observational Essentials of All Movement

3. The 8 Fundamental Movement Patterns

4. Endless Assessment and Movement Variables

5. The Local/Global Movement Continuum

6. 4 step process to Individualized Program Design

7. Functional Movement Assessments

8. How to utilize Local and Global assessments and corrections for the following areas: Foot/Ankle Lumbar Spine Knee Thoracic Spine Hip Cervical Spine Shoulders


Education includes online version and 2 days LIVE  in Prague
Online version can be completed at your own pace. Once enrolled the student will have access to the content for a period o three years and can continue to access the content even after completion.
small refresments
1x team lunch


QUESTION: Ondřej Lunga, +420 602415684 






Paul Edmondson

Paul je certifikovaným globálním školitelem  pro Gray Institute

Absolvoval 40týdenní mentoring programem Garyho Graye.

Paul má kvalifikaci také ze semináře o funční anatomii, Anatomy Trains (pro něž také přes rok učil) a je International Master Trainer pro Core-Tex ,Power Plate, TRX  a bývalým trenérem pro ViPR.

Paul při workshopech jednoduchým způsobem  předává komplexní informace.

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