Real life, real challenges. Whether your patient is a casual golfer or star athlete, determining the right approach to treatment can be challenging. That’s why the Gray Institute offers an innovative, effective, and comprehensive approach to patient rehabilitation. Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System (3DMAPS) leverages movements that are authentic to everyday life by utilizing all three planes of motion. This system allows the practitioner to examine, evaluate, and treat patients based on the philosophy that the influence of one part of the body effects another.

3DMAPS is the most innovative way to effectively analyze the function of the entire body in an efficient, revealing, and evidence-based manner. This certification equips you, the movement professional, with the content, competence, and confidence to meet the needs, wants, and goals of all of your patients and clients. Unlike any other movement screen, 3DMAPS is a movement analysis and performance system that efficiently analyses the three-dimensional movements and abilities of all individuals in all of human function. 3DMAPS boils down all of human movement (the three-dimensional interaction of joints, muscles, and proprioceptors) into 6 Vital Transformational Zones, adapts these movements within Mobility Analysis Movements (assessing range of motion) and Stability Analysis Movements (assessing control of motion), and empowers you to then prioritize the best and most logical progressions in serving your patients and clients better.


• Applied Functional Science® / Science of Movement Functional Spectrum

• Principle-Strategy-Technique Process

• Applied Functional Science® Nomenclature

• 6 Vital Transformational Zones • 6 Chain Reactions®

• Mobility Analysis Movements

• Stability Analysis Movements

• Biomechanics of Primary Complexes

• Range of Motion / Shape of Analysis Movements

• Control of Motion / Quality of Analysis Movements

• Relative Success Spectrum • Analysis & Documentation

• 14 “Mostability” Performance Progressions / Matrices ONGOING ASSETS

• Exclusive Access to 3DMAPS Exercise Library & App

• Continued Educational Support via CONTENT OVERVIEW HOW TO BECOME CERTIFIED CEUs / CECs For Movement

Professionals 3DMAPS is designed and created for all professionals in the Movement


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Paul Edmondson

Paul je certifikovaným globálním školitelem  pro Gray Institute

Absolvoval 40týdenní mentoring programem Garyho Graye.

Paul má kvalifikaci také ze semináře o funční anatomii, Anatomy Trains (pro něž také přes rok učil) a je International Master Trainer pro Core-Tex ,Power Plate, TRX  a bývalým trenérem pro ViPR.

Paul při workshopech jednoduchým způsobem  předává komplexní informace.

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