Roman KladivoČeská Republika

Intervention project co-founder, coach and translator. Roman is an avid reader and eternal student who has spent most of his adult life studying everything related to a healthy lifestyle and longevity. As a lover of chocolate (and good food in general) who has been overweight for most of his childhood, he knows first hand how difficult it can sometimes be to get started and stay on track. He transformed his knowledge and personal experience, together with his wife, into Intervention. A project in which they teach their students how to maintain good health, strength, vitality and physical abilities regardless of age. In addition to leading individual and semi-private lessons, he also works as a translator and interpreter at a number of international seminars, mentors and certifications. In 2019, he was appointed Ground Force Method National Instructor for the Czech Republic, and since then he has focused mainly on the promotion and development of this concept in the Czech Republic.


· Fitness Trainer II. Classes

· Functional Movement Screen Level 1 and 2

· Functional Capacity Screen

· Ground Force Method - National Instructor

· Strong Frist Girya Level 1

· Oxygen Advantage


· IoM - Health Coaching Fundamentals Part 1

· TriggerPoint Performance Therapy - 1

· Introduction to Indian Clubs

· McGill 1 - Building Ultimate Back

· EXOS - Strength and Power Performance Workshop

· EXOS - Speed ??Performance Workshop

· StrongFirst - Second Wind

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