Štěpán HaškovecČeská Republika

He currently works in a private rehabilitation practice (physiotherapist) and teaches courses, techniques of relaxation of fascial-muscle chains and movement pedagogy.


2000 - 2004 Charles University in Prague, 2nd Faculty of Medicine - field of physiotherapy, bachelor's degree.

Completed courses:

Masseur for sports and reconditioning massages IMEP-Sport

Form, function, facilitation (Clara-Marie Helena Lewitová)

Movement and stability (Clara-Marie Helena Lewitová)

About breathing (Clara-Marie Helena Lewitová)

Functional tape in common practice (Clara-Marie Helena Lewitová, Jan Maryška)

About hands (Clara-Marie Helena Lewitová)

About hypermobility (Clara-Marie Helena Lewitová)

Interior spaces (Clara-Marie Helena Lewitová)

Physiotherapy function in clinical work (Clara-Marie Helena Lewitová)

Spiraldynamik Basic (Lenka Kazmarova)

Spiraldynamik Intermediate 1 (Milena Daniel)

Spiraldynamik Intermediate Specific SD Korperarbeit - 3-D Stretchmassage (Willi Schneider)

Spiraldynamik - Foot School (Maja Christen)

Spiraldynamik- 2x Basic course assistant (Lenka Kazmarová and Maja Christen), 1x Intermediate course assistant (Maja Christen)

Spiraldynamics Teaching Advanced Professional 1 (Maja Christen, Milena Daniel)

Spiraldynamics Teaching Professional Didactics 2 (Maja Christen, Lenka Kazmarova)

Spiral dynamics Teaching Advanced final examination (Maja Christen)

Spiraldynamik Intermediate Specific - Strength Training (Oliver Hartelt)

Spiraldynamic refresh Kraft Training (Oliver Hartelt)

Spiraldynamik- “Stubborn” shoulder (Maja Christen)

Spiraldynamik- Shoulder plait- 3D mobility (Yolande Deswarte)

Spiraldynamik a Yoga (Eva Hager - Forstenlechner)

S-ball 3D pelvis - coordination of the hip joint

Foam Rolling principles and practices Level 1 (Ond?ej Lunga)

Myofascial Compression Techniques The Evolution of Foam Rolling Level 2 (Ond?ej Lunga)

Foam Roller, Foam Roller (Ing. Martina Fallerová)

Stick Mobility Dennis Dunphy)

FMS Level 1, Level 2 (Peter Lakatos)

Fascial Fitness (Yoga and Fascia) (Daniela Meinl)

Fascial Fitness introduction course 2 x (Daniela Meinl, Robert Schleip)

Fascial Fitness 2 - Trainer course (Daniela Meinl)

Fascial Yoga (Daniela Meinl)

Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1, Level 2 (Emily Splichal)

Gibbon Slacklines (Marek Smolka)

A comprehensive approach in triggerpoint therapy with a closer look at postural and developmental kinesiology (Petr Bitnar)

Introduction to the Art of Rolfing 1 and 2 (Marius Strydom)

Introduction to the art of rolfing - the use of motion in myofascial integration (Marius Strydom)

Visceral relations in myofacial integration (Marius Strydom)

Introduction to Rolfing Structural Integration: The Dynamic Spine (Marius Strydom)

Fascia as Sensory Organ (Robert Schleip)

Anatomy Trains - Walking Lines (James Earls)

Active Fascial Release (James Earls)

Fascial Manipulacion / STECCO -level I (Pietro Iogna Prat, PT, Lorenzo Copetti, PT)

Fascial Manipulacion / STECCO -level II (Antonio Stecco, M.D., Ph. D., Pietro Iogna Prat, PT)

Evidence Based, Access to scars, adhesions and visceral adhesions (Susan L. Chapelle, RMT, MBA).