Peter SisikSlovensko

Education: FHV UMB in Banská Bystrica - Physical Education and English language.
Sports: 15 years Karate, holder I. Dan (black belt).


"I believe movement is a cure."

Stick Mobility Master Instructor
Dynamax Master Instructor

Completed trainings:
TRX - STC personal trainer (Fitness Anywhere, Žamberk 2013)
TRX - GSTC group exercise (Fitness Anywhere, Pezinok 2015)
TRX - Sports medicine (Fitness Anywhere, Žamberk 2013)
TRX - FORCE (Fitness Anywhere, Žamberk 2015)
TRX - Rip Trainer (Fitness Anywhere, Žamberk 2013)
TRX - Functional Training Course (Fitness Anywhere, Prague 2016)
TRX - GTC group exercise (Fitness Anywhere, Prague 2016)
HEALTH COACHING Fundamentals I. (Institute of Motion, Prague 2018)
Functional dynamic stretching (core training cz, Košice 2014)
Wrong movement patterns (core training cz, Košice 2014)

Rollerball mobility (core training cz, Košice 2014)

Musculoskeletal diagnostics (core training cz, Košice 2014)

CORE LEVEL 1 (core training cz, Košice 2014)

Power & Core (3D Fitness academy, Žamberk 2015)

LET'S BANDS COACH (Fitness Performance, Košice 2016)

ASSESSMENT TO PERFORMANCE Mobility as a foundation to function (TP CZ ,, Košice 2017)

Functional training (3D Fitness academy, Žamberk 2015)

Foam Rolling Principles & Practices (TP Therapy CZ, Košice 2014)

DNS Sport Level I. - III. (RehabilitationPragueSchool, Prague 2015 - 2017)

Functional Movement Screening level I. and II. (FunctionalMovementSystems, Prague 2016)

Swing School and Turkish Get Up (RadyActive and My Personal Trainer, Košice 2016)

ViPR International (3DFA, Zamberk 2017)

FUNCTIONAL FOOT I. and II. (Fitness Performance, Košice 2017)

3DMAPS®?: Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis & Performance System (Gray Institute, Prague 2018)

Stick Mobility Level 1 (Prague, 2019)

CAFS - Certification in Aplied Functional Science (Gray Institute, Prague 2020)