Nicole RodriquezUSA

Nicole Rodriguez is a human performance coach serving global teams and organizations. Currently, she is the Physical Development Lead at BVB Akademia im. ?ukasza Piszczeka in Gocza?kowice-Zdrój, Poland. Nicole is building developmental programs and infrastructure for professional football clubs and grass-roots programs.

In 2018, she supported the Dutch National Volleyball Team in preparation for the 2018 European Championships. From 2012-2017, Nicole joined EXOS, formerly Athletes’ Performance, as a Human Performance Coach and education specialist. She served as the Education Department Head for Team EXOS, a Human Performance Company in Phoenix, AZ who serves the world’s elite athletic populations. Starting in 2012, she supported International Football organizations, Rugby organizations, International Cycling and various American sports. Prior to EXOS, she worked alongside Michael Boyle in 2006-2012. There, Coach Nicole Rodriguez trained a full spectrum of clients and athletes including, NHL, MLB, NFL, Olympic Ice Hockey, amateur athletes and general populations.

Coach Nicole Rodriguez is a movement specialist, who focuses on building on-field and court performance through movement efficiency, player buy-in and various speed-strength applications. Coach Nicole obtained her license in Massage Therapy.