Nikol MaioČeská Republika

For Nikol, yoga is about uniting her being with everything we have to go through in life. It is a long life that she is grateful for.

He perceives yoga as a perfect means of self-knowledge of his own body, his limits, awareness of emotions, tension, fear and then liberation and the feeling of emptiness, lightness and space he feels after practice. From an early age, she loved moving, traveling and learning about new possibilities, experiences, people. Despite movement imbalances, she became interested in moving more in depth and now focuses on linking health exercises to any movement and yoga. She also worked with disabled athletes for many years. She likes to help people with pain and gives ideas on how to re-learn the movement stereotypes we all suffer from. She likes "aha" moments in motion, when one finally feels "why I'm actually doing this" and it makes sense.

She enjoys leading spiral yoga, fascial yoga, yin yoga, shielded yoga and shakti prana flow yoga. After 20 years, she has returned to playing the guitar, so sometimes you can look forward to live music in lessons.

She is a graduate of FTVS and despite the dynamics and the first power yoga course, she then got into the study of many movement concepts, not only yoga. She was most influenced by Spiral Dynamics, yin yoga and reiki energy work.