Renata DebickaČeská Republika

Certified scar and bone integration therapist with scarring (ScarWork®, Bonework®) according to the Sharon Wheeler concept, personal trainer, masseuse and graduate of the School of Structural Bodywork in Torun, thanks to which she was the first in the Czech Republic to receive a certificate for practicing Structural Bodywork according to the concept of Anatomy Trains® and Zoga Movement®.

Participant in many foreign trainings devoted to loosening fascia for structural balance. A significant event was the repeated participation in the autopsy of the human body, in a relationship examining fascial anatomy under the leadership of Todd Garcia (owner and director of the Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightment Inc. in the USA) at the Medical Faculty in Katowice.

Lecturer of the author's concept Wojciech Cackowski's Zoga Movement® for the Czech Republic and the author's lectures Fascia - Infinite Network and Emotional Anatomy.

Translator of foreign trainings focusing on structural work with the body and, last but not least, founder of the Education on the Move portal.

In her daily practice, the most important thing for her is a holistic approach to man, and in her free time she devotes herself to illustrations of human anatomy (more here).