Institute of Motion Mentorships Level 1

Prague, 24.- 26.5. 2019 

Registration and any qustion: lunga@movelabinstitute.cz

What is the Institute of Motion Mentorship all about?

Our industry is changing! As Personal Trainers and Health Practitioners we are understanding that just exercise and nutrition alone is not the answer for a healthy life!

At IoM, we go beyond the basics of exercise programming and fundamentals of how our body works and look at a holistic approach to Health and Wellness. We discuss the future of Personal Training and it’s 'changing role' as we move towards the need to become Health Coaches for health prevention and not just quick fixes. We promote Self Care strategies to help individuals move better so they can move more.

At IoM we have created a different approach to Health and Wellness. We don’t just look at the physicality of things, we dive deep into understanding the physical and its connection to the body as a unit. We examine our inner systems and understanding the connection to our mental and social wellbeing status.

We develop strategies for the body to constantly change and adapt to the stress responses created within us and our environment. We give you the tools for a successful 'Health Prevention Strategy' to make you vibrant, healthy and well.


Health Coaching Fundamentals Part I:

Institute of Motion (IoM) Part 1 looks at 'Preventive Health' and creates understanding about what we have to do in everyday life for a vibrant life with longevity. We do this in several ways:

  • Prevention Health Movement Science - Understanding and looking at our body systems and seeing how they integrate and work as a unit. We dive deep into the Neural, Muscle, Fascia and Bone Health systems.
  • Prevention Health Movement Strategies - We look at the physical components of exercise giving practical templates for Ground to Standing, Warding Patterns, Shifting Mass, Hip Decoupling, Flows and Restorative Poses.
  • Habit Coaching for Wellness - A big part of being a coach is knowing your scope of practice and knowing when to outsource or refer on. In part I of the IoM Mentorship, we spend a lot of time looking at the 'Disruptors’ in our life and programs. We then implement a system for health coaching and building a network of professionals around our health community. We break down and examine office wellness and what we can do to create a more healthy environment


MOVE LAB STUDIO, Stroupežnického 3181/21, Prague 5


799 Euro till 24.3.

after 24.3.  899 EURO

we offer 2 payment / 50 % and 50 % ˇ

after first payment you will receive 1 month free for IoM App


  • lectures and hands on
  • digital manual
  • certificate
  • IoM t-shirt and bag
  • free conference FASCIA IN SPORT and MOVEMENT with Dr. Robertem Schleipem / 31. 8. 2019 / 
  • refreshments /water, coffee, tea,fruit /
  • lunch every day /
  • team dinner / Saturday /


Jan Hutnan

IoM Health Faculty Global

ViPR Educator

Co-Founder EvoPrime Fitness

My name is Jan and I am a health & movement specialist and faculty of the Institute of Motion team. My passion is to help trainers and people to improve their health, fitness and performance through sustainable preventative health solutions delivered live or online.    My mission is to elevate the consciousness of health and fitness in Australia and around the world. I have always been involved in the physical world. For the first half of my life as an ice-hockey player and for the second part as a personal trainer. Over the last few years I became more interested in the deeper side of the human body. How our system works as a whole, how to improve not just muscles and tissue but also promote neural and cell health. Thanks to my passion, drive, curiosity and my mentors I became interested how to enhance the ability of top level body function. In other words, what we can do to be the healthiest and strongest version of ourselves for longer...and I want to share this with all of you. Let's connect with each other and make this world a better - healthier place. I love empower people, bringing fresh ideas and the most up-to-date research available from my mentors via social media to help my clients and friends, as well as to inspire other industry practitioners, so that the Australian/Global Fitness & Health Industry can benefit from wide-based information-sharing and continue to evolve.


Jan Hutnan

Health & Movement specialista a člen teamu Institute of Motion.

Global ViPRPro Educator.
Co-Founder EvoPrime Fitness.

Co říká Jan sám o sobě :

Mým cílem je pomáhat trenérům i dalším lidem posílit jejich zdraví a zlepšit kondici a výkon prostřednictvím udržitelných, preventivních zdravotních řešení, poskytovaných živě nebo online.

Mým úkolem je pozvednout povědomí o zdraví a kondici v Austrálii a po celém světě.


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24.05.2019 - 26.05.2019
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