FASCIAL MOVEMENT EXPERIENCE  / 3 practical workshops /

2.9. 2018, Prague



Paul Edmondson   / Great Britain - GRAY INSTTUTE /- TRAINING ALL COMPONENTS of FASCIA / 



We take on average 8,000 - 12,000 steps per day, with each foot contact being associated with 1 - 1.5 x our bodyweight in impact forces.  Join Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist Dr Emily Splichal as she explores how the foundation to functional movement lies in the ability to anticipate the repetitive impact forces of locomotion.

Explore concepts such as fascial tensioning, pre-activation training and neuro-sequencing between the foot and core as it relates to functional movement and locomotion.

Experience simple activation exercises and sequences which can be integrated into all client and patient programming.  


Would you ever use a sports car without brakes adequate to its power? Through the Braking System Motor Control (BSMC), it is now possible to evaluate the fascial lines inherent in the braking motor pattern of athletes and ordinary people. Simple myofascial line tests and neurological corrective exercises are the basis of an effective system, tested by many professional trainers to prevent injury and improve performance.

This session include:

- theory introduction with a little bit of functional anatomy linked to the braking pattern

- myofascial connections of the braking pattern 

- myofascial line tests based on Tom Myers knowledge

- introduction of the braking system motor control and its importance for an athlete

- corrective fascial exercises to improve the braking system

- neurological corrective exercises to restore right patterns in the brain

- power exercises to improve performance throught a fascial training


Theory/intro- To include an intro to the 6 maps movements, the rationale for there inclusion into an asssssment, and training regime - for the inclusion of ALL joints, and ALL joint motions ‘screened/trained’ (screening joint health and joint mobility), to give ‘input/communication’ to every Proprioceptor (in joints, ligaments, muscle spindles, skin, etc), and to stimulate a ‘global tensioning’ in EVERY direction that assesses/trains every ‘line of Fascia’.

An intro to Fascia and its 4 components:-

Hydration- why Fascia needs hydration?, how it gets hydration?, how can we use SMR tools (foam rolls, massage balls etc) to increase hydration, and how can we use simple movements (maps based movements) that hydrate ALL cells, tissues of the MyoFascia.

Viscosity- The Viscosity of the Fascia (particularly the joint fluid), gives momentary ‘stiffness’ to aid shock absorption. Much like Water (hitting water at a certain speed/from a certain height is like hitting a brick wall/concrete) because of its Viscosity can aid the body in force distribution and impact training- timing is everything. If we can train all angles, using quick/high force movements then the Viscosity of our Fascia can exhibit ‘stiff’ and resilient qualities that help us in ‘bullet proofing our fascia’.

Elasticity- runners are good runners because they rely on the Elastic elements of their bodies (Fascia- ligaments, Connective Tissues), that store elastic and energy and rerun it with ‘maximal efficiency’ (the body always strives for efficiency- in ALL it does. Using muscles is very in-efficient in movement, as it metabolically uses lots of energy to move/contract it. The body will ALWAYS select the elastic elements, over muscles- so why do we work hard to train our muscles to help us move better?, this is a misconception of how the body truly operates. So being able to train the Fascia will aid the body be fit for ‘life’ events - functional training you could say?!....

Plasticity- to truly change the tissue length, will not be satisfied by a typical 10-15 sec stretch, it simply does not work. Here we will explore how cells, change their environment (tissue length), based on forces/communication and timing within the cell.

PRICE:    149 EURO till 30.6.

                           169 EURO  from 1.7.

Includes small refresments: water, coffee, tea

LOCATION: Hotel Angelo Prague, Radlická, Prague 

APPLICATION: Ondřej Lunga, lunga@seznam.cz

Bio presenters:

Paul Edmondson

Paul is a Fellow of Applied Functional Sciences having gone through the world renowned GIFT mentorship with the Gray Institute. This experience has led Paul to teach for many educational companies and products around the world including Anatomy Trains, Power Plate, Core-Tex and now, of course, the Gray Institute. Paul has a passion for helping trainers around the world navigate the complexities of human movement and enable trainers to be empowered to use principles, strategies and techniques that derive from the truths of Movement Sciences. Paul is present at most of the biggest fitness conventions in the world and this is his favourite environment to find him in.

Amir Laf

His passion for training started when he was very young, when he wanted to increase his athletic performances trough his fitness preparation. His powerful need of having a prepared and meticulous coach on his side, pushed him to become a trainer himself. His graduation in Sport Science is just a start point of his career, in fact after several years he went back to the University as a Professor and became an International Trainer.

His desire of improving people’s life through training, pushed him farther up to attend post- graduated specialization courses of quality movement, coaching and communication.

After years of experience as a team leader of 50 successful trainers and educator of thousand learners, he is confident that the more competent trainers driven by passion on one’s other health, the more people will get in touch with work-out as a natural health medication.

Beside, he builds up the first International Symposium on functional training called “Funzioni in Azione” to create a professional exchange among expert trainers.

Then, together with Andrea Chellinihe founded Life Changer Academy, based on a dream: creating a new professional figure who will stand out for technical preparation and reliability.

o   Awarded as one of the best Personal Trainer in 2010/11/12/13/15/16, with the publication of a PT book.

o   CO-writer with Lorenzo Branchetti of “ PiccoliGusti” a book dedicated to primary obesity prevention through children nutrition and training.

o   Head Master Trainer Mondo Flooring

o   Master Trainer Life Fitness

o   Master Trainer Escape Fitness

o   Master Trainer Trigger Point

Andrea Chellini

Andrea’s passion for sport, pushed him to be a performing athlete since he was a child. He ventured in the triathlon since the middle school, winning the provincial and regional competition for 3 consecutive years. After that, he practised the Long Jump until he decided to practise figure skating, joining the National team and achieving good results in international competitions. This love for athletic preparation made him enrolling at ISEF (as in his family his father and his 2 uncles did) and becoming a coach for several famous athletes in various sport disciplines. From 1992 to 2005 he is the technical manager of a national UISP project, focused on the development of the coordinating abilities and on the basic mobility of children from 3 to 7.

He has been working at Moving Studio, speialized sport centre for athletes and common people who need to learn the quality movement. For this reason, in this centre, Andrea has the collaboration of high level physicians and professionals and for the same motive he decided to deepen his studies in the USA with Coaches like Mike Boyle and many others.

His research brought him to become a Master trainer and to be the national representative of the Buteyko Breathing Method.

After 20 years of experience he founded with Amir the Life Changer Academy, that has been born to make a dream comes true: creating a new professional and complete trainer figure.

  • Ex player of the National figure skating team
  • World champion Girevoy sport – kettlebell lifting (24kg)
  • Buteiko Master Trainer Italy
  • Mondo Flooring Master trainer


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