18.-19.19. 2019, Prague 

Dr. Federico Luzi 

BAREFOOT TRAINING SPECIALIST certification seminar is divided into three levels.
The first sets the cultural basis for understanding the structure and function of the foot and its relations with the brain, the emotions and rest of the body to create stability that generates strength and endurance in a reflexive manner.
In the second level the focus is on the efficiency of movement. In the first two levels, complete tests and analyzes are taught on the function and the different anatomies of the foot and the way in which each of them affects stability and efficiency of movement.
n the third level we proceed to the analysis of the pelvic floor, of the rachis, of the shoulder and of the hand, to transform every movement, from the natural ones to the athletic ones or the strength training.
Analysis, tests and rehabilitation strategies that start from the foot to have effect on the whole body. The stability and efficiency of each movement depend on the reaction speed of the body. The seminar establishes solid cultural bases of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and neurology, which allow the student to understand the mechanisms of locomotion and movement.

PRICE : 359 EURO /  9290 Kč

includes :   small refreshments - water, coffee, tea,

                   Barefooot Strong T-shirt

                   Barefoot Strong book                     

LOCATION :  MOVE LAB Studio, Stroupežnického 21 , Prague 5 

Organizator: Mgr.  Ondřej Lunga, lunga@seznam.cz, + 420 602 415684


Federico Luzi

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