DR. ROBERT SCHLEIP  a TOM MYERS / teleconference /

31. 8. 2019, Prague


Roberts invitation: 

Most of the people in the audience will be practical clinicians eager for new insights, with new questions and also new suggestive practical applications from developments over the last 2 years in the international field of fascial research. 
I will include some of the latest insights from the last fascial congress that I had been co-organizing in Berlin which was sold out with 1,000 people. If you were not one of the people there, I will try to give you the most precious pearls from it. Also, if you have been reading the old book, which is still the bible in fascia in sports and movement, we are currently rewriting a new edition because a lot of the information now is outdated. The group of authors are planning to release it the end of the year. But if you attend this workshop, you will already have the latest information. 
As part of this conference, I will have a live connection with Tom Meyers where I will ask him about his latest about using fascia-based insights for sports and movement. So not so much for manual therapy, which will be a minor topic will be, but mostly for pilates, for movement coaches, yoga coaches, sponsored athletics, etc. I will pick his brain and funnel questions from the audience, and from me for Tom, and will include that in the workshop. 
If you have already been working in fascia, in terms of complimenting your muscle-based, nervous system-based, cardiovascular-based exercise secrets and applications and you want to get the latest, this is a must. I look forward to seeing you there and much 
Join us in the beautiful city of Prague for an inspirational day filled with new thoughts, opinions and the latest insights from the world of fascia live with Dr. Robert Schleip and Tom Myers via teleconference. 


The foundation of this conference will be the fascial congress that took place in Berlin last year, the FASCIA IN SPORT AND MOVEMENT book, and finally, our belief that sports training, but also movement in general, should be shifting in different direction in terms of emotional perception and body signals. 
Athletes, as well as ordinary people who enjoy movement, should pay more attention to the fascia function since most injuries are due to damaging this ligament. Often, bone fractures are due to overloading the fascial envelope. Special programs and aids are invented, however, the most important "aid" is our brain, our perceptions and our senses. We do not want to get the most out of the organisms at all costs, but rather to support, perceive and be friends with them. There is a lack of body awareness, and it is necessary to move more towards resilience, both for the body and the tissues themselves, to better perceive signals from our receptors.
We hope you can join us in Prague for world-renowned research experts, Dr. Robert Schleip and special guest Tom Myers, who will be sharing their cutting-edge research on fascia and its importance for our movement and health.  
This conference will be translated to Czech. 


3990 CZK / 159 EURO until  30.6.2019
4590 CZK / 179 EURO from 1.7. 2019
includes coffee, tea, water and small snacks


Hotel Andels Prague, Stroupežnického 21, Prague 5

More questions: Ondřej Lunga, lunga@seznam.cz 


Dr. Robert Schleip
  • MA in psychology, best rc airplanes University of Heidelberg, 1980
  • Certified Rolfer®, certified in 1978, being the first German Rolfer at the time
  • Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, certified 1987
  • Director, Fascia Research Project, Universität Ulm
  • Research Director of the European Rolfing Association
  • Faculty member of the Rolf Institute, Boulder, Colorado and of the European Rolfing Association
  • Director of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Myofascial Release (DGMR)
  • Director of Somatics Academy 
  • Board member of Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation
  • Vladimir Janda Award for Musculoskeletal Medicine 
  • Ředitel Evropského Rolfing sdružení v Mnichově, Německu
  • V současné době vede výzkumný projekt Fascia Research Group na univerzitě v Ulmu, Německo.