8. - 9.6.2019

You’ll learn the EXOS system to help athletes produce the greatest power per pound of body weight, also known as relative power.


During this workshop, we’ll explore the development and application of elite strength and power, giving you a more in-depth understanding of how to evaluate, plan, and execute strength programs. Topics include:

Identifying strength deficits

Building programs that complement these strength deficits

Coaching cues for strength training

An introduction to the EXOS training system

Foundational strength principles

Program design

Olympic weightlifting

Rotational training

What you’ll receive:

 EXOS apparel and other cool stuff

Exclusive discounts from EXOS partners

CEU credits: ACSM (16)




6.-7.6. 2019

Learn strategies to make your athletes faster more powerful
and more resistant to injury.

This course focuses on multidirectional speed and acceleration. You’ll learn how to identify gaps in movement skills
and we’ll provide a system to develop these skills. The system will focus on three key areas: position    

Topics include:

Preparation for acceleration and multidirectional speed
High-intensity and reactive training for acceleration and multidirectional speed
EXOS methodology
Power and speed development
Programming for acceleration sessions

What you’ll receive:
Take-home course materials
Course certificate
Exclusive discounts from EXOS partnersa
CEU credits: ACSM

Speed Performance Workshop: Systematic Approach to Game Speed?


Combo  ( Strenght & Power Performance) + (Speed Performance)

Early Birds 20 690 Kč / 799 Euro

after 28.9. 2019

21 990 Kč / 849 Euro


  • educational materials
  • translation to Czech language 
  • refreshment

Place of workshop:

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport , Charles University, José  Mariho 31  Prague-6


Lector: Teri Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole is a performance coach, mentor and teacher. Her actions have taken her from Texas, to Boston, to Phoenix and to 5 continents helping athletes, coaches and kids develop systems to manage themselves and others.

Currently she works at EXOS, human performance company in Phoenix Arizona, as a Performance Coach and Education Specialist since 2012. This role allows her to travel the world teaching/ consulting coaches and players from external and internal organizations.

She started her career as a student-athlete at the University of North Texas as a D1 softball player, then was a graduate assistant before she jumped ship to Boston to work with Mike Boyle at MBSC. During these formative years starting in 2006, she trained general population, professional athletes, developmental athletes and interns.

Since 2006, she worked with a diversity of sports, including International Football (soccer), American Football, Rugby, Ice-Hockey, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Biking, Running, Mountaineering and Tennis. In 2010, she became a licensed massage therapist and had been involved in various educational programs such as the FMS, USAW, NSCA, FRC, Mindset and Personal Development, Active Isolated Stretching and many others.


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