1.9. 2018  Prague

Maybe it´s time to say, that when it comes to athletic preparation and general movement, we should change our perspective and focus more on emotions and signals from our bodies.

Athletes and the general sporting population alike should focus more on their fascia (collagen based connective tissue), because that’s what they are missing most.

We as a society put great emphasis on performance both in sport and in our personal life. But what we are missing is perception and understanding of movement. We are forgetting about regeneration and relaxation.

Because of this, many people suffer from too much stress which leads to injuries of connective tissues. Even broken bones can often times be attributed to the overstressed fascial tissue around it. To prevent this, we are creating many specialized programs and tools, but we are ignoring the most important tools we have: our brain, our perception and our senses. Maybe we need to stop chasing having the best performance all the time and focus more on cultivating our body and our perception of movement.

We are missing the broader understanding of our own body. We need to move more in way which improves the durability of our tissues and body as a whole. We need to listen to the signals from our body´s receptors better.

That´s why we decided to invite Dr. Robert Schleip, a world famous and recognized expert in research on fascia and its role in our movement and health, to speak about these topics.

During one day, you will get the opportunity to learn about his findings, ideas and thoughts to further improve your own understanding of fascia and its important role in our lives.

PRICE:  159 EURO till 30.6

               189 EURO from 1.7

includes refreshments (coffee, tea, water)

LOCATION:  Angelo Hotel Prague, Radlická, Prague

APPLICATION: Ondřej Lunga, lunga@seznam.cz 


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